Jason Dziak


Recycled Fabric

Digital Consumer Brand Launch

A dynamic platform to build a green movement.

In October of 2012 we were asked to help launch the digital presence for the consumer launch of Repreve. The primary task was to raise awareness by communicating the story that Repreve is a recycled fiber used to make a variety of products. We also wanted to begin acquisition by informing consumers about the brands and products who were already using Repreve.

While the UX and wireframes were being developed for the site we began a visual brand exercise to determine design direction. In order to create more objective criteria and facilitate collaboration with the client, we collected a variety of digital design samples. These samples were gathered and organized as digital mood boards according to the existing brand personality attributes. This process enabled us to talk about the various ways in which the brand elements would be applied and extended into the concept. It also helped us to align the content and asset requirements in order to achieve the final experience.

The resulting web site features a mix of introducing Repreve as their own brand while showcasing their partnerships with established brands like Ford, Volcom, Patagonia, and North Face. Large expansive photography was used to allow the brand partnerships and real world applications of the product to take over the page.

We created a unique digital application of the brand logo to help communicate more overtly that this product was used to make fabric. The logo tag design was continued as fabric textures throughout the page to reinforce that important point. These areas of detail and color were balance by a clean information-friendly layout style. Crisp, modern typography establishes a solid framework accented with bright color and areas of detail

The final deliverable was more than just a robust marketing site. We also succeeded in creating and extending digital brand language for use in social and information graphic applications. This language was leveraged for the launch campaign around Repreve’s sponsorship of XGames Aspen 2013.

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