Jason Dziak


Similac StrongMoms

Baby Journal iPhone App

A highly rated and rated tool to help new mothers.

In December of 2009 Abbott Labs approached us about creating an iPhone app for it’s Similac brand. We were tasked with first defining what phase of parenthood the app would address and ultimately what value it would provide.

After researching the target consumers and identifying their needs we decided that infant care, and specifically a baby journal, fit the perfect cross section of brand, consumer need and competitive white space. Early UX development looked at generating a features list based on the primary role of a journal to record data but to also display it in a meaningful way. Flows for eating, sleeping, diaper changes, and growth were mocked up to work out the most efficient path to completing user goals.

The final interface design set out with the intention to create touch points for a new mom which were warm and familiar. Using pictures of the child as well as ui and illustration language that referenced familiar baby care items, the visual experience was more personal than technical. Reports were clear and colorful with the ability to rotate to landscape mode for even more detail.

In addition to conceiving the app, desiging the ux and interface we were also asked to support the marketing launch. This resulted in a landing page design, email template, print brochure, and sales video that showcased the app to both users and pediatricians.

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